• Design and develop code that improves the availability, scalability and stability of our cloud platform 
  • Build monitoring and alerting solutions to catch problems early and prevent them from happening again
  • Increase the robustness, observability, and resilience of our applications and enable teams with operational excellence and custom tooling
  • Work with bleeding-edge technologies and concepts such as containerized applications, container orchestration using Kubernetes, service meshes using Istio, among many others 

What you tell people at parties:

"I build and maintain services that run in a large-scale cloud environment to provide a stable and scalable platform for Europe's leading B2B booking platform in the leisure industry."


  • Knowledge of Unix environments and at least one scripting or programming language
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes and cloud native concepts
  • Agile mindset and solution driven way of thinking
  • Self-organized working and learning 
  • Passion for knowledge sharing with other team members regarding good practices, code quality and tech frameworks

One or multiple of these skills:

  • Experience in AWS or other cloud providers
  • Understanding of microservices architecture
  • Understanding of container virtualization 
  • Experience in event driven architectures, messaging patterns and Apache Kafka 

We enable developers to grow business by creating innovative products while having fun and being a role model for authenticity and team spirit. 

Kubernetes (AWS EKS) - Docker - Golang - Terraform - Helm - FluxCD - Azure AD - Oathkeeper - AWS Cognito - Istio - Prometheus - Grafana - PagerDuty - Fluentd - CloudWatch - Apache Kafka (AWS MSK) - PostgreSQL/MariaDB (AWS RDS) - Jaeger distributed tracing - Elastic Search (AWS OpenSearch) - Jenkins - and many more... 

Agile mindset, DevOps – You build it, you run it. – Infrastructure as Code – Continuous Deployment – 12-Factor App – Self-contained Systems – Domain-Driven Design (DDD) – Behavior Driven Development (BDD) – Test-Driven Development (TDD) – Event-driven Architecture – Self-contained Systems – Hexagonal Architecture – Micro Frontends – CI / CD – Contract First – GitOps - federated Single-Sign-On 

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